I am very pleased to welcome you and your child to Rosecroft Preparatory School where we provide the best possible start to lifelong learning.
Starting school is a very big step for children. We at Rosecroft are committed to providing the best possible programme and will do everything possible to make sure your child feels secure and happy with us because we recognize that every child is an individual and is unique, but share one common trait: they are born ready, able and eager to learn. Knowing this we strive to provide a stimulating, nurturing environment where your child can learn to play and play to learn.
Each term we will provide you with curriculum outlines which will keep you up to date on the activities in school. You will also receive letters with pertinent information on a regular basis. The children will be performing for you at least thrice during the year – at the end of each term.
We want you to feel a part of our school because that is how we can achieve our mission of working together to lay firm foundations.
Kofo Karunwi

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