We recognize that the first two years of life lay the foundation for everything to come. We ensure that every child feels valued and welcomed in a loving and nurturing environment, a home from home!


In our nursery we offer an eclectic curriculum – combining best practice in early years education. Our curriculum is founded/crouched on the Montessori method and the UK Foundation stage of learning curriculum. The six areas of learning: Creative development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication, Language and Literacy; Knowledge and Understanding of the world; Mathematical Development; and Physical Development. These six areas of learning not only cover but exceed the areas stipulated by the nursery curriculum stipulated by the NERDC ( National Education Research and Development Council) of Nigeria.


At Rosecroft we recognize children of this age need to have time to explore and experiment but still need the cuddles and the attention they had as babies

Our high ratio of staff to babies allows us to provide the personal level of attention that all babies demand at this stage. The team is led by an experienced crèche worker and is comimited to providing a safe, caring, happy and stimulating environment in which the children develop at their own pace,

12-18 months

At the appropriate time, after discussion with the parents children gradually move into our Lily Wobblers group. As the child becomes more independent, we adapt the routines to cater to their needs. Their routines will become a little more structured, but will become a little more structured, but will allow for rest periods when needed.
At Rosecroft we recognize children of this age need to have time to explore and experiment but still need the cuddles and the attention they had as babies.In the nursery
The aim of the nursery is to provide a well rounded curriculum in stimulating and interactive surroundings, where our children are helped to make connections between the knowledge which they already have and the new knowledge which is presented to them. We offer situations and activities which lend themselves to the five areas of development we concentrate on: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication and Emotional development (SPICE)

Social Development: this enables children to interact with their peers, interact with adults,- develop an awareness of the needs of others and encourage independence and a sense of responsibility.
Physical Development: provides opportunities for children to gain control over their bodies, develop manipulative skills, spatial awareness, hand/eye coordination,
Intellectual Development: develops concentration, observation, language, reading and reasoning skills; encourages creativity and use of imagination, learning through direct experience and enabling children to grasp basic mathematical and scientific concepts
Communication: develops communication skills- vocabulary, grammar, listening and comprehension skills and encourages children to express their feelings in different situations
Emotional Development: develops each individual child’s self-esteem, confidence and sense of achievement through the provision of a secure environment. This in turn enables children to cope with fears, anxieties and difficulties

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